Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh

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Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh
Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh
Tripod Turnstile
Tripod Turnstile Price in Bangladesh
Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh, Turnstiles in Bangladesh

We are one of the biggest companies in Bangladesh dealing with retail and installation of Tripod / Half-height Turnstiles.

Tripods are one of the most classic and economical way for queue management and controlling throughput of huge volume of people. Our turnstiles can also be fitted with counting options to see numbers of passenger/pedestrian input, or RFID / access control system to manage a secure premise entryway. So this mechanism is ideal for commercial buildings, parks, governmental and non-governmental offices, shopping malls and other areas with high security needs. Our tripods is being used all over bangladesh in public and private sectors for over 7 years.

We provide chinese make and also from world famous European brand TiSo. 


  • High quality stainless steel body and finishing
  • Compatible with RFID card, fingerprint, face scanner and other access control systems.
  • Cost effective
  • Monthly / Yearly Rental options available on contract basis.
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 1 year to 5 years.


Call or email us to receive specifications and prices.

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