Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus

Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh

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Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus
Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus
Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus
Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus
Hydraulic Crash rated Road blockers in Bangladesh Control Securus

We are the biggest wholesale supplier of Crash Rated Road Blockers in Bangladesh. We are the only organization in Bangladesh to supply these products ready stock (limited time only).

Crash rated road blockers / wedge barriers are one of the highest security arrangement that can be provided in a premise and hence, extremely suited for government offices, ministry offices, banks, military facilities, embassies and other high security premise.


  • Crash rated, anti-ramming protection, ability to withstand high speed heavy duty vehicles
  • Hydraulic system
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Shallow mounted
  • Operated in all weather extremes
  • ISO and ASTM standards
  • Warranty and regular maintenance provided

Crash Rated High Security hydraulic system drop arms anti-terror barrier from famous EU brands such as TiSo and Tescon, Proven certified protection from all external vehicle related terror threats.

Call or email us to receive consultation, specifications and prices.

Our Installations

What is a Road Blocker?

A road blocker is a heavy duty anti-terrorist structure that acts as a barrier against high-speed, vehicle-based attacks. They are placed at the entryways of high security areas in order to obstruct regular vehicle passage as well as providing the highest possible security measurements. Therefore these road blockers are of paramount importance in high security and confidentiality based locations such as government buildings, military bases, office buildings, hotels, embassies and diplomat areas, highly sensitive manufacturing plants, and so on.

Technical Characteristics of our Hydraulic Road Blockers

Road blockers come in varying locking heights and weights 

Tensile strength of structural steel components: 490 – 600 N/ mm² (K12 Tescon)  

Wall thickness of structural components: 10 – 25 mm 

other heights on request Fully raised blocking position of blocking shield: 30°

Height (above road level): 353mm, 533mm, 800mm (TiSO) 800-1000mm (Tescon),  

Width: 2000 – 5000mm.

Besides this, our road blockers may be customized according to your needs.

Hydraulic Road Blocker Installation

Road blockers operate in rising step method, 

There are two types of road blockers: manual and automatic. Manual road blockers can be surface mounted. However, all our road blockers are automatic and hydraulic motor driven. 

Road blockers are crash rated and certified according to their ability to stop the weight/tonnage, and speed characteristics of the incoming vehicle. Our road blockers are certified CE, ASTM and ISO. They are built with high tensile strength structural steel, and range from K4 upto K12 standards

Road blockers are installed by excavating the ground area and installing a shallow foundation. 

They operate through a hydraulic engine, which is powered by a hydraulic power pack with a fluid reservoir of large capacity. Hydraulic cylinders exist within the road blocker wedge, mounted underground within the main structure. Fluid is passed through this by means of hydraulic pipes, specifically built for the site design. Drive motor may be single phase or three phase. The system is operated through a control cabinet which is situated in a station. Loop detectors and safety loops are installed in order to detect vehicles and prevent collision with access-given vehicles, photocell sensors are provided to detect vehicle and pedestrians and prevent blocker closing in for frequent operation. Ultrasound sensors may also be provided upon request. 

The wiring cables installed in the foundations are high quality industrial standard, the control cabinets are made with IP68 SS. A single road blocker may be placed on the road, or multiple modules maybe installed to be operated simultaneously to encompass wide roads. 

Some road blockers are raised hydraulically and lowered by means of gravity, however our road blockers use hydraulic power in both raising and lowering cycles for smooth and fast operation. The front skirt is painted with yellow and black chevron patterns for high visibility but may be customized upon request. Fire safety and emergency systems are integrated in case of fire and rescue operations.  

Some features:

  • Anti-collision 
  • Anti-rust, corrosion resistant and all-weather operation
  • Extremely high load bearing capacity
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • High intensity and high frequency service
  • Low maintenance cost, very simple operating procedure 
  • Shallow mount 

Accessories that may be included:

  • Speed humps
  • Traffic lights
  • Extension of hydraulic hose/pipes
  • Induction loop (1 channel detector) and safety loops
  • Photocells and ultrasound sensors
  • Sound Alarms 

Crash Test

Crash Tests are a form of destructive testing method to gauge the crashworthiness of machineries and safety equipments. Below you can find some successful crash test videos of the brands that we have: