We are selling only wholesale Parking Barrier / Boom Barrier in Bangladesh, complete with delivery and installation. Our highest sold Wejoin and Tenet brand model ESG-620 available ready stock and highly effective for all your entry point/ exit point access control, security and parking area protection needs.

We are also the authorized distributor of world famous BFT, Italy. Our Italian barriers are installed in Apollo Hospital and other high security areas in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  • Free remote controls, other accessories provided on your requirement: traffic light, counter with connector.
  • Opening time 4.5 seconds or 6 seconds with boom included, size customizable, max 6 meter
  • Access control system can be included on your requirement: loop detector, RFID ticketing system, push button and others.
  • High quality and durable steel plate casing with eye catching finish for your parking space.
  • Monthly / Yearly Rental options available on contract basis.
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 1 year to 5 years.

Call or email us to receive specifications and prices.

Get The Optimum Parking Solution for Your Building

Parking barriers, or boom barriers, are necessary, if not compulsory in buildings and office spaces today. Hotels, hospitals, airports, educational institutions, government offices and other residential and commercial spaces are part of the mobility hub in cities. More and more buildings today have dedicated parking spaces and they are using Parking Barriers not only for access control and reducing traffic flow for safety, but also to add visual components for their parking areas. Gone are the days of opening restricting bars by hand, you can simply operate these barriers at the push of a button, or completely automate this process.

Technical Characteristics

Opening time (depending on the width of the leaf) 3 – 6 seconds 
Control unit CSB Xtreme
Motor type Three-phase asynchronous
Power 300 W, 360 W
Motor power supply 120 V, 230 V, 240 V
Gear unit type Reversible
Locking Mechanical
Release Inside the structure
Frequency of use Continuous
MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failures) 7000000 Op
Environmental conditions -40 ÷ 55 °C
Protection rating IP54- IP55


Boom Barrier/ Parking Barrier Installation

Our Barriers operate electromechanically, and are installed at the mouth of the parking opening, but in some cases they are installed at the main entryway of the building. 

Barriers are automated through a number of accessories such as Loop Detector, which is a mechanism attached with a series of cables that are installed underground.

Once installed our barriers can run smoothly with very high frequency and high reliability and are able to capacitate high volume of traffic. 

Barriers can be installed with a myriad range of systems, such as:

  1. Attaching push button and alarm sensor at the nearby guard station so they can be alerted when vehicles are nearby and open the gate at the push of a button
  2. With the entire parking management system (PMS) so that they can continuously monitor the movement of incoming and outgoing traffic. 
  3. RFID/UHF and/or face detection systems that can restrict access for the general public and only allow authorized personnel – the drivers or vehicle users are supplied with a fob, sticker or a card which is read by the respective reading device. 
  4. Loop detectors and safety detectors so gates can open automatically as soon as a vehicle is nearby, safety loops allow barriers to sense the vehicles and not close upon them.
  5. Photocell sensors allow vehicles to sense pedestrians and not close while people are nearby. 
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