Wholesale supplier of Crash Rated High Security Hydraulic Bollards in Bangladesh. We deliver Anti-Terror Bollards from famous EU brands i.e., Tiso, Pilomat and Mac. Our products are designed for military and civil vehicle entry points and provide proven certified protection from all high-speed vehicle related terror threats.

These bollards are anti-crash, retractable and automated through hydraulic drive unit systems. Installation can be provided for single and multiple units, in conjunction with other safety accessories. Our products are being used in government organizations, private organizations, commercial areas, office buildings and international hotels around Dhaka and Bangladesh.


  • Crash test certified
  • Durable stainless steel makes and high resiliency
  • Designed for all weathers, high cycle duty and frequency
  • Options for UHF and 2.4 GHz long distance RFID access control system
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 2 years to 5 years.

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What is a Road Bollard?

Road Bollards are a more cost-effective way for anti-terror protection from high speed vehicular threats. See Also: Road Blocker.

Bollards are retractable, meaning they can be stowed away under ground when not in use. These bollards are used in high security areas such as schools and universities, hotels, government offices, embassies, military offices, airports, bus and railway stations, stadiums and other areas where access is restricted for a certain period of time and where high level of threat protection is needed.

Road Bollard Installation

Road bollards are usually installed in multiple units in a linear way, operated through a hydraulic motor, powered by a hydraulic fluid source and a PLC, both of which are installed externally in a separate area. 

Road bollards are crash rated and certified according to their ability to stop the weight/tonnage, and speed characteristics of the ncoming vehicle. Our road bollards are certified CE, ASTM and ISO, rated K4. They are built with high tensile strength structural steel, and aluminum RAL coating.

Road bollards are installed by excavating the ground area according to the size and design of the bollard unit so that it can be placed underground. They operate through a hydraulic engine, which is powered by a hydraulic power pack with a fluid reservoir of large capacity. Hydraulic cylinders exist within the road bollard installation range, mounted underground within the main structure. Fluid is passed through this by means of hydraulic pipes, specifically built for the site design. The system is operated through a control cabinet/PLC which is situated in a station and may be controlled by a push button – so the operation is simple, while our bollards raise and lower with relative noiselessness

Loop detectors and safety loops are installed in order to detect vehicles and prevent collision with access-given vehicles, photocell sensors are provided to detect vehicle and pedestrians and prevent blocker closing in for frequent operation. Ultrasound sensors may also be provided upon request.  

Other access control systems that you can include are: parking barrier, speed humps, RFID, face detection, parking management system (PMS).

The wiring cables installed in the foundations are high quality industrial standard, the control cabinets are made with IP65 SS. A single road bollard may be placed on the road, or multiple modules may be installed to be operated simultaneously to encompass wide roads. 

Our road bollards are crowned with industrial grade LED strips for visibility and signaling. Fire safety and emergency systems are integrated in case of fire and rescue operations.  

Some features:

  • Anti-collision 
  • Anti-rust, corrosion resistant and all-weather operation
  • Extremely high load bearing capacity
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • High intensity and high frequency service
  • Low maintenance cost, very simple operating procedure 

Technical Characteristics

Drive: Hydraulic (HPU)

Tube Diameter: 220mm / 273mm 

Tube Height/ Rising Height: 600mm / 800mm 

Wall Thickness: 4mm / 8mm 

Impact Resistance, Jules (J): 45,000 / 85,000

Breakout Resistance (J): 165,000 / 585,000

Axle Load: 15mm

Raising Speed, seconds (s): 4 / 6 / 7.4 / 10

Lowering Speed (s); 4.5 / 6

Operating Temperature,℃: -40/+60  

Protection Level: IP65 (bollards), IP55 (PLC)

Material: Brushed Stainless Steel/ Galvanized and powder coated

Power Supply:  1 Phase – 230V 50/60Hz 

Accessories: Remote control, push button 

Crash Test? 

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