Hydraulic Crash Rated Bollards in Bangladesh

Wholesale supplier of Crash Rated High Security Hydraulic Bollards in Bangladesh. We deliver Anti-Terror Bollards from famous EU brands i.e., Tiso, Pilomat and Mac. Our products are designed for military and civil vehicle entry points and provide proven certified protection from all high-speed vehicle related terror threats.

These bollards are anti-crash, retractable and automated through hydraulic drive unit systems. Installation can be provided for single and multiple units, in conjunction with other safety accessories. Our products are being used in government organizations, private organizations, commercial areas, office buildings and international hotels around Dhaka and Bangladesh.


  • Crash test certified
  • Durable stainless steel makes and high resiliency
  • Designed for all weathers, high cycle duty and frequency
  • Options for UHF and 2.4 GHz long distance RFID access control system
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 2 years to 5 years.

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