We are the Largest supplier of wholesale Speed Humps in Bangladesh.

Perfect solution for permanent roadway solution Interlocking two-, three-, and five-slot systems, to build the require length , Suitable for use with HGV and forklift trucks , color yellow and black , material engineering nylon  rubber

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What is a Speed Hump?

A speed hump or a speed reducer is a raised structure that is used in traffic calming and controlling strategies. It is manufactured in a sloped design so that motorists can ease their speeds over the speed hump which reduces the overall traffic speed in that designated area. 

Traditionally in Bangladesh, speed reducers have been made with asphalt, concrete etc materials, which are unmovable and permanent. For this reason, if authorities change their minds about replacing or removing the speed humps, it becomes costly and prevents traffic activities in that area while such activities are going on. Such speed humps are also vulnerable to weather conditions, wear and tear, and effects of heat, flooding, heavy traffic activities, etc. Speed humps are a very affordable and efficient solution for such.  

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