Archway Security Metal Detector in Bangladesh

We are selling only wholesale Walk-through Archway Security Metal Detector in Bangladesh, complete with delivery and installation. Our highest sold Uniqscan brand models UB500, 600 and 700 available ready stock and highly effective for all your entry point and check in security needs.

We are also the provider of USA, UK and EU origin famous brands including Garrett and FisherLabs. Our products are currently being used in hotels, commercial areas, office complexes, shopping malls and airports around Dhaka and Bangladesh.


  • Computer aided security system with LCD Display and LED light alarm panels
  • Zone Availability: 6 zones, 18 zones, 24 zones and 33 zones.
  • Security detection points with the highest detectability of metal objects
  • Steel door frame with remote control panel and accessories
  • Monthly / Yearly Rental options available on contract basis.
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 1 year to 5 years.

Call or email us to receive specifications and prices.

Our projects

Garrett PD6500i Installation at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, 2016

Metor 160 Installation at Comilla EPZ, 2018

BDP Army Power Plant, 2016

Samsung – Fair Electronics Plant, 2019

What is an archway metal detector?

Archway metal detectors, also known as walkthrough metal detectors, or AMD for short, are passageway structures situated at entry points for metal objects and threat detection. AMDs are stationed in buildings or areas with moderate to busy pedestrian traffic requiring high security, as opposed to handheld metal detectors which are more manual and used for a lesser flow of people. Although handheld metal detectors are also needed to accompany the post-screening process.

How do they work?

An AMD works by emitting weak electromagnetic pulses which create a reaction from conductive metal objects, which generate their own brief magnetic fields. These are detected by the AMD. However, these electromagnetic pulses are not only emitted within the containment of the doorway structure, but also around it. So, it is necessary to ensure that the AMD is placed in an area where metallic structures like stairway railings or bins do not interfere with the optimum operability of the AMD.

It is also important to note that everyone, including employees and operators, need to go through the screening process. There should be no way of going around. Trays need to be provided so belts, shoes, bags can be taken off and screened through a baggage scanner separately. 

AMDs trigger the alarm by identifying the presence of a metallic object and not the exact location. So, once the alarm is triggered, the user triggering the alarm has to be separated for a follow-up screening with a handheld metal detector to uncover the location of the object. 

Different Types of Archway Gates

Conventional archway gates, although rarely attached to the floor, are less portable because of their weight and structure. Their requirement for heavy power consumption also makes them difficult to be used in a remote location without the additional arrangement of an electric power supply.

Very lightweight gates are available that can easily be assembled or disassembled and can operate on battery power sources.

More advanced conventional archway gates have multiple detection zones where the sensitivity of each zone can be allocated separately for more accuracy and less false alarms. These AMDs come in 6, 12, 18, 24 and 33 zones overlapping each other.  

How to Know Which Archway Gate is Suitable for You

Different types of archway metal detectors are used in different places and occasions depending on user traffic and the category of the place or event, which determine susceptibility to threats. 

33-zone: Used in buildings requiring high security such as airports, military, banks, governmental institutions, prisons, court etc.

18-24-zone: Used in shopping malls, universities, hotels, stations, stadiums, concerts etc.

6-12-zone: For apartment or residential buildings, schools, parks etc.

Portable AMD: Used in temporary events or fairs that are hosted in locations not typically reserved for events. 

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