Security X-ray Baggage Scanners in Bangladesh

We are selling only Wholesale Security x-ray baggage and luggage scanners in Bangladesh. We are the only sellers of VMI, BRAZIL and SAFEWAY, CHINA.

We have USA, UK and EU make x-ray baggage scanners: Rapiscan, Astrophysics, Smiths and other famous brands, available from Ready Stock with competitive prices, highly effective for all your entry point and check in security needs.

These baggage scanners are the ideal solution for security inspection in entry checkpoints, for scanning small, medium and large carry-on bags, parcels, luggage and baggage, contraband goods and forbidden items.

Our products are being used in stations, airports, commercial areas, office buildings, complexes and hotels around Dhaka and Bangladesh.




  • Enhanced color display, high resolution 2D or 3D image surveillance
  • High x-ray penetration for detection of dangerous contraband and goods
  • Tunnel Sizes: 5030, 6040, 7555, 100100
  • High payload and capacity for all purposes
  • Monthly / Yearly Rental options available on contract basis.
  • Warranty, installations and service support package for 1 year to 5 years.

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